The most cold winter in Crete

The last week we have one unexpected phenomenon in all Crete island and Greece.The temperature was very low and unusual for the island.A lot of snowing at low altitude places even and close to the beach! The temperature is fluctuated between 0 and 2 Celsius.

In West part and in Kissamos region we have a continuous snowfall for 3 days..The mountains of Gramvousa was all white.In the Kissamos town the snow not paved for all day.You can see pictures of the West mountains.

Almost all the winter time in Crete we have snow at the higher altitudes and specifically at Omalos mountain and Psiloritis.Still March you can see the white snow from far.Omalos is situated at the northeastern corner of the Omalos Plateau 38 km south of Chania in the White Mountains.

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